Red Shift Capital LLC

Why Redshift



Redshift Capital brings a singular goal to its equity investments – accelerating growth.

Led by an accomplished, easy-to-work-with team of seasoned executives, Redshift brings to your business fresh insights and growth-oriented assets that add value far beyond the capital invested:

  • Imagination: In Redshift you have a partner focused on building the business through relevant, highly imaginative approaches to creating new markets, new products, new services and new processes.
  • Credibility: New ideas become timely, relevant engines of growth when they are conceived and backed by experienced managers who have built and sold multi-million dollar manufacturing operations…several times.
  • Sophisticated Solutions: Our team’s DNA is rooted in engineering and technology enterprises.  We’re at our best when formulating business, R&D and marketing plans that promise to elevate the profile and appeal of highly complex, engineered products, systems and services.

The goal of any winning business investment is to achieve consistent, profitable success over time, marked by sustained periods of accelerating growth.

In Redshift Capital, you’ll find the imaginative vision…proven leadership…and business savvy  to attain that goal…and surpass it.