Red Shift Capital LLC


Redshift Capital LLC, founded in 2006, is a private equity sponsor targeting leveraged control growth investments of smaller companies where ownership and leadership dynamics provide an opportunity to create significant value through improving operational, financial and strategic decision making.

Business Philosophy

Redshift Capital LLC originated from the desire to leverage the company’s partners’ combined operating experiences, network of relationships and joint investment activities into the principal investing business.  Redshift founder Roger Hruby and his team approach deals with a refreshing up-front, honest cooperative style, effective in building strong, trusting, committed and motivated leadership teams.  Mr. Hruby utilizes an operator’s perspective to his deals, rather than a pure investor’s perspective, to identify with management and find solutions to real operator’s issues.

Market Focus

Redshift Capital is highly focused, with investment strategies concentrated in four areas:  renewable energy, service sector, manufacturing and real estate.

Redshift Energy

Redshift Energy is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted providers of solar energy systems in in the U.S., assisting energy companies, private enterprises, utilitiies and government entities with proven expertise and guidance in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and support for commercial and large-scale solar and renewable energy projects.

Superior Solar

One of the cornerstone enterprises of Redshift Energy is Superior Solar, LLC. Based in the Orlando area, Superior Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial applications throughout the southeastern U.S. Founded in 1984, and with a portfolio of over 18,000 installations, the company is one of the largest solar contracting firms in America, specializing in solar electric, water heating and pool heating applications.