Red Shift Capital LLC

Investment Portfolio

Redshift Captial LLC is guided by four
cornerstone investment strategies:


Renewable Energy

As U.S. energy policy shifts towards utilization of more renewable energy sources, Redshift is focused on indentifying entrepreneurs and businesses seeking capital to develop viable wind, solar and other alternative energy ventures.

Service Companies

Redshift’s imagination and management is particularly suited to re-energizing service companies, such as digital entertainment firms, marketing services agencies and financial services enterprises.

Manufacturing Companies

The principals of Redshift have a combined 100+ years of on-the-job expertise in leading manufacturing companies to higher levels of profitable, sustainable growth.

Real Estate

Our team is expanding its commercial real estate ventures, including commercial office space, hotel/resorts, multi-use properties and developments, and more.


Our Portfolio


RedShift Energy

Redshift Energy® is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted providers of solar and other renewable energy systems in in the U.S.  We assist energy companies, private enterprises, utilitiies and government entities with proven expertise and guidance in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and support for commercial and large-scale solar and renewable energy projects.

Superior Solar Systems

Founded in 1984 and with a current portfolio of over 18,000 installations,
Superior Solar Systems specializes in residential and commercial solar electric, water heating and pool heating applications. The company is among the largest solar contracting firms in America, with focused expertise in the integration of the latest technology. This ensures that client systems deliver the greatest possible return on investment, environmental impact and overall satisfaction.


Tagnetics develops and manufactures electronic shelf label (ESL) systems for the retail industry. The company¹s proprietary price display and shelf optimization ESL technology provides retailers with an accurate and reliable electronic alternative to the printed disposable labels found in stores today. Potential customers of these systems include traditional grocery stores, supercenters, convenience & drug stores, home and auto supply, mass merchants and wholesale stores.

Tagnetics¹ products are based on patented inductive coupling technology, which is similar to that used in RFID equipment and offers significant advantages over battery-powered products. Tagnetics¹ proven ESL solution offers high reliability, a rich feature set and the lowest cost of ownership in the business.

Located in the Russ Research Center in Dayton, Ohio, Tagnetics is led by an experienced team committed to delivering premier shelf edge pricing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

TEVA Energy, LLC

TEVA Energy, LLC designs and installs commercial-scale solar hot water systems for large consumers of hot water such as hotels, universities, hospitals, industrial processing facilities, and food processing facilities. The company has the dedicated platform necessary to effectively launch innovative thermal technologies and comprehensive services to the commercial and industrial markets. This allows TEVA to provide the affordable energy solutions and the sensible ROI decision makers are looking for when considering renewable energy. TEVA Energy also provides thermal power purchase agreements that eliminate client capital investments and related risks, making the client cash positive from day one.

10X Technology, LLC

10x Technology specializes in replicating precision microstructures into polymeric and metallic substrates. The company micro-embosses films such as polyethylene and polypropylene to manufacture solar concentrating films, drug delivery systems through skin patches and high reflective films used for signage.  Capabilities include product design, prototype production on pilot plant and full scale manufacturing.

VTV Technologies, Inc.

With over 20 years experience serving the hospitality industry, DVDNow is a manufacture of kiosks that are placed in resorts and hotels for guest¹s use of DVD movies and games.  A proven, trusted, flexible provider of entertainment solutions to the biggest names in the business, the company's vision is to enhance the guest¹s experience through a free and simple process of making the latest DVD titles available.

DVDNow is a nationwide company that also provides service in Mexico and will soon provide service to Canada and the Caribbean. We are partnered with Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood, Wyndham, Sterling Resorts, Intrawest, and many other hospitality companies.